About Us


Bruins West Coast is owned and operated by Mike and Bailey Bruins.

Both avid outdoors people with a passion for wildlife artistry. They would much rather be in the coastal rain-forests experiencing all forms of the natural world than cooped up inside!

Ethical hunting for self sustenance, the world surrounding Wildlife Preservation, and the idea of redesigning the perception of the word “Trophy” is their mission in their blog. They would like to inform, and create healthy dialogue, surrounding ethical wildlife management, animal behaviors, and human animal conflicts.

Bailey Bruins

Skoki, the adult male Grizzly Bear

Bailey grew up in Calgary Alberta with extremely supportive parents who encouraged her love for the natural world from an early age.

During her final high school years she was a volunteer in animal care at the Calgary Zoo. Upon her graduation she was then offered an animal care position with the City Of Calgary at the Calgary Zoo. There she specialized in working mainly with large carnivores. Her favorites included the Grizzly Bears, Siberian Tigers, African Lions, and Snow Leopards.

She was approached by the head veterinarian to attend a taxidermy course to assist in the redesign of the Biofacts (education) department which uses preserved zoo specimens for education.

Having a strong pull towards the artistic side of wildlife artistry and preservation, Bailey decided to make the transition and pursue taxidermy full-time.

A move from southern Alberta to the west coast has allowed Bailey and Mike to spread their wings in the wildlife artistry and preservation industry, and experience a new lifestyle.

Mike Bruins

Mike was born and raised in the foothills of central Alberta. About an hour northwest of Calgary in a ranching community near Sundre.

He spent a lot of time in the forest regions of the area, many times adventuring on Crown Land bordering the Canadian Rockies. This was not only for the grazing cattle that his family owned and nurtured, but also starting early in the hunting lifestyle.

Having always been interested in wildlife management and preservation, Mike dabbled in antler carving, knife making, and other artistic endevours with the use of sheds. It was when he met Bailey that his introduction into the art of complete animal preservation blossomed.

Mike has been learning the art of taxidermy for the past 8 years.


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